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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Hunk a Junk....product rant!!

Happy Sunday!! What a beautiful day we are having here in southern NJ!!
I am posting quickly today to discuss a certain crafting tool I have......the Chizzel-it. I got it several months ago on sale. I tried sanded paper nicely. That was all I tried at the time. Then it went into a tool drawer where it was lost with all of my other "I have to have this" but I never use it tools! Well, I take it out to use it today does not work!!! Ugh!! I got new batteries...........nothing. So....I used this one stinkin' time....and now it died. I would say it did not hold up well..............wouldn't you? Does anyone else have this tool? Did you have better results than I did? I would have to give this a big fat zero for reliability.
Well....that is my klip for the day. I thought I should let all of my fellow crafters know:)


Jan Scholl said...

Take it back to the store. Most things have a warrenty, co contact the company and politely complain. I saw this in this in the store and thought it was dumb. I bought the Cropidile tho-I rave about it.

Tina Doran said...

I wish I could take it back......but i ordered on line and several months ago. really was inexpensive. The time to return has probably past. My husband said he would play with it and try to get it to work:)

Anonymous said...

Sorr about your hunk a junk! i hate when that happens.


Kirstin said...

Tina...I just happened to come across your blog...COOL! I will add a link fro you to my blog!!!

oh, and've been 7 things about yourself and tag 7 other people!!!